Best Top 10: Hi Hat Cymbals

The Best Hi Hat Cymbals In 2021

hi hat cymbals with standWhen it comes to a drum kit cymbals setup, hi hat is perhaps the most important aspect. Except for the snare drum or your kick, they are the most played part of any drum set. And since you often hit them, hi hat cymbals and stand sound will determine the ultimate sound of your drum kit. That means if you buy poor quality or cheap hi hat cymbals, your drum kit, regardless of how expensive it is, will be regarded as sounding creaky.

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Top tips for buying the best hi hat cymbals

• Size. The pitch and the sound of hi hat cymbals are relative to how it’s made, the weight and size. If you choose a smaller size, you’ll end up with hi hat with bright and crisp sound. But if you are looking for a warmer sound, you need to go for a larger size. Before settling on any size, experiment and choose the one that’s right for you.

• Material. When it comes to materials, there are both sheet and cast hi hat cymbals. The most common way of making hi hat cymbals is through the cast production method. Because of how they are made the cast hi hat cymbals are the most sought after. So, it’s important to consider the material before choosing one.

• What brand should you buy? Since there are many brands in the market, the type of brand that you finally choose is generally up to you. Depending on the type of brand that you choose you will find a range of size options, sounds, and other characteristics.

• Your set up. It’s also important to consider your set up and ask yourself whether the best hi hat cymbals will suit your drum set up. You also need to ensure hi hat cymbals that you buy will sound good with your drum set up.

Your hi hat cymbals usually plays a very important part when it comes to your drum kit sound quality. Although there are very many products in the market, you should know that some of them are only suited for beginners. But if you are shopping for the best hi hat cymbals and you’ve found one that you consider, it’s good to keep it inside the basket so you can review it later.

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